Laura Roosevelt
Laura Roosevelt

Laura Roosevelt is a mixed media artist.

As Laura works, she visualizes how to weave inspirations into the depth of

a painting from the first mark on the canvas to the last.

Her ponderings, her stories, her statements carry energy that gives each

piece its composition, form, color, structure, and texture. When all the

components work together the piece becomes charged with her energy

and is then declared complete.

Roosevelt weaves elements together in a narrative that is a rich

representation of fantasy,  implied nature, current events with either humor and fun or

deeply contemplated depths of the soul and human nature.


Laura is a graduate of Denison University with degrees in Studio Art and

Art History, Roosevelt also holds a master’s degree from NYU. Laura is the

great granddaughter of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. Her work can be

found in private collections from coast to coast in the United States, in the

Bahamas, London and St. Barths.