A Look In the Studio

When I work, I am employing layering technique which speaks out with mixtures of colors and textures. I begin a painting or a series with a written statement from something I am pondering or studying: a poem, a story, a piece of music I'm listening to, a Joseph Campbell symbol, an emotion, colors in a garden, contemplations about the work of an admired artist or even something in current events. I visualize how to weave the inspiration/topic into the depth of a painting from the first mark on the canvas to the last. The ponderings, stories, statements carry energy, that give each piece its composition, form, color, structure, texture balance and or tension. When all the components work together the piece becomes charged and is complete.

When I create a piece of sculpture, I employee a similar process using metal, bones, found items, and other objects.  I weave these elements together in a narrative that is rich in texture: of fantasy or implied nature with either humor and fun or deeply contemplated depths of soul and human nature.